Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wanna get in great shape??? Become a slave to a personal trainer!

Kale... cane... crop... these are the various means of punishment my mistress wife has employed since I became her slave, but a couple of months ago, a very bright light bulb went off above her beautiful head and it shows no signs of dimming.

As I believe I've mentioned at some point, my wife is group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. She's tough... very tough (think Jillian of "Biggest Loser" fame). In fact, having taken her spin class in the past, I can attest that her students actually call her "The Spin Nazi"... and for good reason.

So one day, not too long ago, I had a minor infraction. This would normally be met with a "Let me know when you're ready" declaration  (with "ready" meaning me fully naked, elbows on the bathroom vanity, and riding crop laid out for easy access). But this time she simply declared "gimme 20".

"Huh??? 20???"

"Yeah, 20... on the ground, NOW".

So I hit the deck and belted out 20 quick pushups. If you've been with me from the start, you already know that she has me on a daily weight lifting regimen, so they weren't too tough, but this new found punishment technique pleased her to no end.

The following day I was told to count as I did my pushups, and not long after that I was ordered to say: "Mistress" between each count for added emphasis. The beauty of this (and believe me, "beauty" is truly in the eye of the beholder in this case), is it requires nearly zero effort on her part (unless you consider"effort" snapping ones fingers and saying "twenty"), and can be done at any time at any place with total discression.

Usually she limits it to twenty or thrity, but occasionally if I really piss her off and she has no problem with upping the ante. In cases like this she'll usually hiss "FIFTY" between chenched teeth. That's about my limit, as I'm just about quivering at the 40 mark.

Keep in mind that these aren't your usual "cheater" pushups (you know... the kind that resemble pelvic thrusts more than anything else). All the way down (to a fists distance from the floor), and all the way up... and not overly fast either. To sacrifice form in order to save strength.... not a good idea. "Nope, that one didn't count".

Last night we were getting ready for bed and she was miffed that I was a little slow in getting her toothpaste on her toothbrush.

"Gimme 5" she said.

"Sweet! No problem!", I thought, thinking I was getting off easy... until I tried to come up after the first one and found her foot resting on my back!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A note to my Mistress with a few random thoughts

I sent this note to my mistress yesterday. Much of this she knows, but was worth repeating, while some other areas she "kinda knows" but I felt it was worth underscoring. Communication is key to any successful relationship, and a D/s one is no different.

Dear Mistress,

When you glare at me and say “who are you talking to?”, it may stop the current behavior in its tracks, but it’s also code for “I’m going to give you another chance”, because you rarely punish me at these times.

When you do give me another chance, I can’t help but to push for a third, fourth, or fifth etc. It’s human nature.

A true “zero tolerance” policy will amaze you in how it will change my behavior.

When you say “I’m going to punish you tonight” it does little to curb my behavior “now”.

I don’t want to feel pain, to crawl, to eat kale, or endure anything else unpleasant. I don’t even necessarily want to “voluntarily” serve you. What I NEED is to have my subservience to you imposed by your force of will. To me, that’s the very definition of “slave”.

While I often tell you that “I exist to serve you” what I really mean is: “I exist to be used (and/or abused) by you”.

Many of the things you have asked me to do, my body has not wanted to do, but when worded as an order or an expectation, my mind has the final say.

Control my mind, and you’ll control my body.

You’ve only scratched the surface on how hard I can be pushed. If you ever decided to experiment with this, the results might surprise you.

Every single time you might have heard me “complain” about being kept in chastity, has only been an attempt openly acknowledge the power you have over me. When you bring me to the edge of orgasm, and laugh at my frustration as you roll over to sleep, it is music to my ears. In a strange way, experiencing that kind of extreme dominance, is like orgasm of another sort.

The same goes for being resistant when you’ve asked me to do things for you. Yes, I sometimes challenge you, but when I do push, it’s only because I need to feel you push even harder. I don’t just need to “be” wrapped around your finger, and living under your thumb, I need for you to relish and flaunt my inability to disobey you, as well.

Whether it's sexual denial, or simply making me work when I've already put in a full day and am truly tired, the last thing in the world I want is for you to “feel sorry for me”. I actually want the exact opposite.

I need to sometimes resist you, even if we both know that you will ultimately conquer me every time.

When you “take” you pull an inner trigger that makes me want to “give”.

You have no idea how sexually attracted I am to you. That sex appeal is a big contributor in the power you have over me. You are a goddess to me.

I only get bratty when I don’t feel your control. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it.

I feel that the punishment should never “fit the crime”. It should always be 10 times as severe.

When you’re hitting me and I’m able to stop or delay the punishment, it’s me that’s in control. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is.

Right now, I’d say that I usually give you at least 90% and am only punished when I fall below 70%. But I think that it would enhance both our lives if those numbers were 99.9% and 99%. In other words, it would suit me wonderfully, if you were to expect perfection, and showed your wrath if I fell even a little bit short.

I want to feel like I’m being “kept on my toes” at all times. So when we’re cuddling in bed and being all lovey-dovey, it shouldn’t be unheard of for you to make me do a dozen laps (note: she often makes me do a circuit of the house on my hands and knees, usually reciting aloud the reason why I'm being punished in this manner), or be ordered to spend the night on the floor, only because I hesitated when you ordered me to get you a drink earlier. Not that you’d be doing this all the time, but I do need to know that you are capable of giving out severe punishments at times, even if it’s “because you feel like it”.

The more you make me suffer, and the more selfishly you force me to serve you, the deeper my love for you becomes, and the more intently I feel your love for me.

I don’t fear you, but I wish I did.

I don’t want you to think that I need to be in “slave mode” 24/7. I don’t. I usually want to be your loving husband, and strong protector. I want to laugh with you, enjoy our family together, and embrace life with you. But I do need to know that there is always a demanding, cruel, dominant and even vicious  and sadistic mistress bubbling beneath the surface. One who will show her wrath and treat me like the slave I am, if I slip up even a little.

Words cannot describe how desperately I need you, and how deeply I love you.



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Should a Domme be Obeyed ALL the Time???

In my last post, I touched on why it’s not a good idea for a domme to expect her submissive/slave to perform ALL tasks for her All the time. The point I was trying to get across, was it can make for a mundane existence for both parties and can lead to boredom and complacency.

Now I want to turn the conversation to a different direction. I think we can all agree that the sub/slave should obey his mistress when it comes to how he serves her on a day to day basis. I’m referring here, to all of the daily tasks she might impose on him ranging from laundry, to cleaning, to how she is to be addressed. Let’s face it, if the sub/slave can’t agree to live under her control in these areas, then there is no D/s present, just occasional kinky play.

But what about more weighty matters? Is it right and proper for the domme to be allowed to make the final decision in ALL things that affect the couple as a whole? I think that there’s a tendency in the D/s community to view this issue through an “all or nothing” lens. The domme is always right… Period… end of story. While that mindset might be a fun thing to fantasize about, it’s not reality. Real life is a little more grey. 

Consider some examples, in no particular order…

Does she get 100% of the say when it comes the decor of the house?
Does she decide what kind of car you will drive?
Does she have all the say on how savings will be invested?
When purchasing a new home, is it all her decision?
Does she have the final word on what school the children will attend?
Who decides where vacations are to be spent?
Is it right that all your joint assets are in her name?

Some of these are no brainers. Hey, if she really likes decorating and the guy doesn’t care, let her have at it. But when it comes to financial matters it’s a different story. Being dominant may be directly proportional to getting your own way, but there is NO correlation to brain power. Every woman, no matter how dominant they may be, is still human. And all humans make mistakes.

That’s the practical argument for having more parity in a D/s relationship, and I think it’s pretty irrefutable. As to the larger philosophical point, each couple needs to find their own way, but I’ll close with this final word…

Just because a man has agreed to serve his woman for life, it does NOT give him the obligation to surrender everything. Be your woman’s slave, to be sure, but you still have a right to be her PARTNER too!